Katherine Castaneda,


  • A Legal nurse consultant (LNC) is a licensed registered nurse who provides an invaluable consultation and expertise to attorneys about medical issues.

  • A LNC applies the nursing process and the strong roots gained through clinical nursing practice to evaluate relevant, complex information in legal cases.

  • The LNC is a medical expert who via a strong educational and experiential background is qualified to determine adherence to standards and guidelines of practice as applied to nursing practice.

  • LNCs will conduct a critical analysis of clinically related topics in a variety of health care related matters, making them a POWERFUL asset to the legal arena.

  • Legal nurse consultants have extensive medical knowledge due to their deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, medical treatment and disease processes.

  • LNCs have vast clinical experience, which includes the interpretation of medical records and medical literature. On the same page, they are very efficient as they can review, organize, and interpret all the facts in the medical records, saving you time and money.

  • Legal nurse consultants possess a network of medical and professional resources and contacts.

  • Legal nurse consultants can also educate the legal team on new medical topics,  or procedures, as well as address their concerns.

  • Legal nurse consultants can help find useful expert witnesses to represent standards of professional practice